Saturday, July 17, 2021

Already Mid July aka Half Way Through Winter

Last Sunday we had cold fronts come through and it was very wet and windy and our bedroom ceiling decided to spring a leak, water was coming down the wall and entering the light switch so of course when that happened it turned off all the other lights in the house, so we spent the day flicking the main switch back on when things had dried out. (luckily we have a friend that is a retired plumber and he fixed the problem, but we did have to chop down some trees which we now need to get rid off.


I woke up the following morning feeling a bit off so took the day off work sick. 
After a short sharp 4 day lockdown we were able to return to the office during the week but had to wear masks, even inside while uncomfortable it is better to be safe than sorry. I don’t do well working from home so it will be great to head back into the office and chat to everyone. 

I finished my latest cross stich 

and my July subscription box should be arriving any day. 

Well my holiday week has been windy and rainy so I haven’t really done much, but up to date on my laundry and other housework. I have been bingeing BlackList as I didn’t watch it past season one when it was on free to air, I love Netflix LOL 

I have also been doing some cross stitch. Someone gifted me this along with the overdyed threads years ago and I have finally started it, I didn’t have any white fabric so used some of my stash so it will be interesting to see how it all pans out. 😊 It is a Raise the Roof Design.

Well I have Saturday afternoon and Sunday left before I have to head back to work so I am going to sit back continue watching Blacklist and make some more progress on Scooba Dooba 😃

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