Wednesday, May 6, 2020

And Now It Is May

I know I said I was going to post more this year well.... this really hasn't been an ordinary year 😕 has it!

I am lucky to say that here in Western Australia we have had a wonderful Premier who took the lead when the pandemic started and has lead us through it and hopefully out the other side with leadership, humour and a sense of actually caring about what happens to our wonderful State, and I have just read that we have just had our 7th consecutive day without a new case 👍
We are not rushing in reopening everything it is going to be a slow process and we have been warned if we start breaching the 1.5m rule or more than 10 people at a gathering new cases or not we will be back at high level risk again.

I did try working from home for a couple of weeks but headed back into the office as I realised that I am easily distracted when at home and needed the discipline of the office, plus I didn't have a decent office chair to sit in and you couldn't buy one for love nor money in the metro area LOL

We had our first storm of the winter yesterday and it lasted all night and well into today, and as it was dark when I left for work this morning I need to head out into the backyard when I get home and check for any damage. It is our bin day today and normally the bins would go out the night before but I left it till this morning as I didn't need rubbish flying up and down the street LOL.

April was not a very productive month for stitching as I couldn't focus for a few weeks but I am happy to say that I am now back in the zone and have managed to finish page 3 of 6 of Witches Wheel. I am getting mighty sick of all the black so I might have to swap it out for  something a bit more colourful (only on a temporary basis you understand 😁)

We don't normally eat a lot of takeaway so cafe's, restaurants etc being closed has not really had an effect on us, but I have had to be a bit more creative in what I make due to shortages and the price going up on some vegetables and staple grocery items.

I had some bananas going brown on me so I made a 3 ingredient banana bread. It was supposed to be cooked in the slow cooker but my loaf pan wouldn't fit in the slow cooker so I baked it in the oven instead and it turned out pretty good.

Recipe Can Be Found Here

Well I think that is about it for now.

Stay safe and carry on my blog friends.

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