Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It Arrived!!

Whoot Whoot, my parcel finally arrived.............
To see what it is going to become and where to order this funky stuff from CLICK HERE and let me say that the customer service from this place is great. Next time I visit Brisbane I am going to pop in for a visit.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Total Ramblings!

I love online shopping but it is so much harder to hide your purchases when you are not the first person home from work :) I could use my work address for deliveries but then I would have to haul my purchases home on public transport! The downside to online shopping is having to wait for your "goodies" to arrive, I have been waiting a week for some yarn to arrive and I have itchy knitting needles to calm down every evening. Now this is not the fault of the supplier it is stupid Australia Post who have no concept what so ever of good service.
An example of their not good service is that I have 3 postal agencies near me and when you aren't home you get a card with the pick up post office stamped on it. A few months ago I got a card and the stamp was smudged so I went to the post office that is closest to me (we will call this one "A") and the man behind the counter goes "not here try the "X" post office", so off we go to "X", get to "X" and "X" goes not here try "A", I explain that I have already been to "A" and they sent me to "X" - duh this took about 5 minutes for them to understand and finally they  said try "Z". Now "Z" is not the closest post office to me but the farthermost away and the busiest. But low and behold after going to "Z" standing in line for 20 minutes while MOTH is parked in a 5 minute parking zone I got my parcel. What is so hard about putting a parcel into collection at the persons closest post office and having a card that is legible??
I posted a parcel to the US last week and because the parcel was over 500g I had to pay an extra $9 dollars or whatever - they try to palm this off as a fee put on by US customs to cover the extensive screening of mail now but how come no other country is charged this "fee"!

Speaking of public transport I had to ring up and complain about a bus driver this week, the knob head was talking on his mobile phone while driving the bloody bus, he thought he was hiding the fact by having the phone on speaker, but hey I may be blonde but even I know that bus drivers have to pass certain tests to make sure that they are competent to drive a bus loaded with members of the public, and I am pretty sure that talking to yourself is a test they have to pass. He was so engrossed in his phone call that he didn't even hear the bell ring for my stop and proceeded to drive past it until I yelled at him to stop!

I have been stitching but can't show any pictures yet as it is for an exchange that I am in. The mailing date is the 20th and I just have a little bit more to do this afternoon and I should be finished - whoo hoo, then I can go back to "me" stitching :) So I might put in a DVD kick back and get my fingers flying so I can finish this part of the exchange get the rest of the goodies together and mail it off and let Australia Post slug me extra for it going to the US and weighing over 500g!

Boy I just realised that this is a whingey whiney post, not sure why, could be the weather, could be it is Sunday or could be that I have to face a 5 day working week.............