Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Arghhhh the list of blogs I follow is missing!!!!

I am having to recreate my blog stalking list, I have no idea where it went or if it will ever come back.

If you follow me and you please send me a link to your blog so that I can add it back to my stalking list :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Two Posts In A Week

I know, I know. Blog posting with me is either feast or famine and apparantley August is heading towards the feast side of things but I just had to share.....

I picked up my August Fandom of the Month Box this morning on my way to work and just had to share what it contained.

Now this should give you a clue - it was on top and is a postcard and a fridge magnet.

Do you know what this months theme is yet? Another clue to follow:

Yes it is a HOGWARTS themed box and it contained:
A bracelet made up of all the Houses badges (now not sure if I will wear this but it can be repurposed)

Earrings - which if you look closely have Hogwarts on them (these I am currently wearing)

A Fat Lady necklace and she moves when you twist it from side to side (now I will probably wear this but take it off the chain and perhaps put it on a ribbon or something)
And last but not least.......

A Whomping Willow ring, this is awesome and have already had comments about.

For about $33 Aus a month this is a great little treat to myself. Now wonder what the August box will bring. Oh and I promise I will take pics from the beginning of the opening process :)

Monday, August 8, 2016

What August Already

What happened to July, it seemed to just whiz past.

I thought winter was supposed to be a time of hibernating, lounging in front of the fire/heater, binging on tv and crafting or reading the weekend away....nup not for this girl. July seemed to be super busy what with work and committments on the weekends (I did manage to have a few three day weekends but that extra day was spent doing housework).

Anyhoo what did I get up to in July......

We have had lotto jackpots everywhere but alas nothing for moi.

I have been op shopping (charity shopping for those not in OZ) and picked up some great little bargains...

Got this for $5, I now have friends scouting around for the rest of the set. A complete set on ebay is $$$ and I don't mind if they are different colours. This one has had the handle glued back on but that doesn't worry me.

Next I picked this up

This too was only a couple of dollars, it was the colours that I feel in love with and I repurposed it into a votive candle holder which is currently sitting on my kitchen bench.

This gem was only $2.25 as it was damaged, now I think something from the 1930's shows wear not damage and all I could find was a little chip on the underside of the rim.... It is English china and it is gorgeous.

Now I am not someone who puts this stuff on display and not use it. The flour container is holding flour, and this bowl will be used when needed.

I didn't get much cross stitch done in July but did finish knitting the back of my new jacket/cardigan and hope to get this finished in time to wear it a couple of times before summer arrives.

All my tv shows seem to have finished at once so I am looking around for new things and found Thirteen "26-year-old Ivy Moxam steps out of an ordinary house, on an ordinary street, on an ordinary day. Ivy hasn't been seen for thirteen years, she was kidnapped in 2003 at the age of thirteen."
I have watched episode one and have enjoyed it so far.

What I have tried to watch in July and just couldn't get into:
  • Wayward Pines S2 - loved S1 but....well I don't know what it was but I have now deleted it from my planner.
  • Mama Mia the movie - OMG I wanted to poke my eyes out after 30 mins

Saturday night I made this for dinner Bacon Wrapped Chicken with parmesan  hassleback potatoes, it was lovely but I think I will tweek the recipe next time and use some maple syrup instead of brown sugar and do more potatoes according to MOTH!

Ciao till next time

*Rita if you are reading this post ..... you will have a letter soon, I am writing it in dribs and drabs :)

Thursday, July 21, 2016

In The Words Of LRB "Reminiscing"

I was out for a walk at lunchtime making the most of the sun on a coolish winters day and noticed the amount of people either talking or looking at their mobile phones and it got me thinking back to yesteryear, well actually early 80's and when your phone looked like this

 and if you were really lucky you had one stuck to the wall and it might have even been push button.....

I remember getting home from work in the "olden" days and then spending the next few hours ringing my friends or family up and filling each other in on our days or making plans for the evening or weekend that was coming up.
None of this constant vibrating, beeping or flashing like there is now around a table.
We also seemed to have less emergencies then as I very rarely remember work collegues getting rang up at work due to an emergency.

Don't get me wrong I carry two mobile phones around, one work and one personal and play games on it at night but I don't walk around with it stuck in my face.

Okay rant over I am off to dust off my zimmerframe and and play words with friends on my phone LOL.....Words with Friends now that is a topic for another blog post another time!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Now Into July

First off update on my June UFO stitching.....
Beginning of June - Glendon Place Witches Wheel
End of June - Glendon Place Witches Wheel

This one was fun to stitch, I have found it really hard to pack it away until its turn comes around again in my rotation.

Now July is back to this one - yet another Glendon Place Stitch (I think I am addicted LOL)
This was where I was at at the end of January, so will be interesting to see how much I get this month. Mind you I have got three count em, three long weekends coming up this month. I am trying to use some annual leave up.

Our baby girl that returned home last month is doing great, mind you MOTH* and I are so paranoid about her going out the front it is hilarious. The vet reckons she might have a had a small brain fart and when she came back to normal she was not in her comfort zone which is our street. Her "brother" is so happy to have her back and is back to annoying the crap out of her.

On the food front, it is winter here and soup has been the main thing cooking. I got home last night and was greeted by the smell of sweet potato and butternut pumpkin soup ready to blitz. Love using my slow cooker !!

Now I follow a great blog called Epbot. This blog is for all of you that have an inner geek, so far Jen and John have put me onto to some fabulous artwork and now I have them to thank for signing up to https://fandomofthemonth.cratejoy.com/  I have just picked up my latest package from the post office and once opened this is what I saw as the theme:
And inside the little cotton bag was:
Isn't it fantastic. Each month you get a magnet and a postcard which gives you a clue to the theme if you don't know what it is. Now I have a meeting tomorrow so I might accessorise with these goodies and see if anyone notices. LOL.
I think next months theme is HOGWARTS!!!! OMG OMG OMG!!! (does this seem a trifle over the top for someone who is turning 53 in just over a week - no don't answer that question thank you :)

Last months was Sherlock Holmes themed but I forgot to take photos. But have had comments on the necklace when ever I have worn it.

The weather is supposed to come in craptastic tonight and hang around until next week with hail, thunder, lightening etc. I hope it behaves enough for me to record the final episode of Outlander for the season on Sunday night - I get it through satellite tv and it tends to drop out in bad weather. But to cover this possible incident I am going to record it at different times over the following days if need be.
So next week with no Game of Thrones, final episode of Outlander and Wentworth nearing an end for season what is to become of my tv viewing.......hmmm might be time to pick up relationship with Buffy again or the ladies from Charmed or one of the many other DVD's that I own.

Well thats about it for now. Till next time


Monday, June 20, 2016

Back Home Where She Belongs

Update on my Update

Yayy, all her blood work came back good. She was given a needle to help settle her stomach and that appears to have worked. Fingers crossed she is on her way back from this ordeal.

Update from my last post.

Well after 6 weeks missing our baby (well really old) furbaby is back home where she belongs.
I wont post any pictures of what she looked like on Friday when we picked her up from the wonderful people that managed to grab her, as the pictures show a very thin, scared old girl.

Friday night, Saturday and Sunday have been good days but  we took her off to the vet today as she didn't have a good night last night and they have done blood work to make sure she hasn't picked up anything during her adventure and to also try and pin down what made her suddenly take off.

She is still rather stressed and tense and the vet has said that if that doesn't start to come better over the next few days we may have to look at medication.

But hey our baby is home and that is all that matters.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Little Did I Know

That the title of my last blog entry would set the tone for the month......

But first an update on my UFO progress.

I finished my May UFO, yes finished it I tell you!!! Little did I realise that I had so little to do to finish it off.

As usual a totally craptastic photo, but a finish is a finish :)

Now my June UFO is this one.....
Glendon Place Witches Wheel
It is supposed to have beads on bits of it, but I hate beading so I will do a DMC conversion.
And I very rarely used the recommended fabric colour.....as you can tell LOL

Now to the rest of the month of May.....did a black cat cross my path, did I walk under a ladder!!

1. Early in the month, May 7th to be precise our 14 year old furbaby vanished, just like poof off the face of the earth. We drove around our area for 4 days straight looking in building sites, stopping and talking to people and nothing!

This has been so hard for MOTH, Norman our other furbaby and I. It is the not knowing that is the hardest. I have been posting on social media, putting up flyers, etc and nothing. Oh we have had the odd siting or two but it is never her. All we can do is continue to search and hopefully get closure on this.

2. My work computer is possessed, I keep getting locked out of my account at random times during the day. This has IT stumped, they have run so many scans and rebuilt profiles but nothing is helping so it looks like I will be getting a new PC in the coming weeks.

3. As I am not getting any younger I went to get my eyes retested and order new glasses. Now I paid my money upfront at the end of the exam for two new pairs of glasses. Last week I go to pick them up and only one pair was there, they had forgotten to order the second pair. Now I need two pair cause I leave one pair at work and carry the other ones in my bag for use at home etc so it is very inconvenient having to remember to take them home at the end of the working day and bring them with me each morning. Fingers crossed the other pair arrives next week.

4. We put our car in to get the bonnet and boot resprayed as the lacquer was peeling off and the car was looking blah. We get a phone call......oops your windscreen broke while we were taking it out (this is actually pretty common...apparently), MOTH had to ring the insurance company and get a new one fitted. Yay for the one free windscreen a year bit in the policy (which we have never had to use btw). So any hoo, we get the car back and it is crap. The job was done by a mate, well one of his staff actually, so they car is going back to get fixed up!

5. And the last thing which I am not very proud of is that I was rude and horrible to my mum on the phone and as soon as I hung up I felt so bad :(. I have never done it before but she rang me at work and I was having the above mentioned computer problems and working to a deadline and throw in a mini pity party behind my partition, and she just went on and on and on. I did apologise over the weekend when I next spoke to her (we don't live in the same town let alone country so we only talk weekly unless there is an emergency) and she is fine and coming to visit at Christmas time.

So if you have read this far sorry for the rambling but had to put it out somewhere LOL

Until next time ciao!