Monday, January 25, 2010

Creative Weekend & Australia Day

First off, Happy Australia Day to my Aussie Friends who read this blog, The 26th is Australia Day and it is a time for cities to waste amazing amounts of money on fireworks and cleanups on the day after. Actually that isn't the reason but I just can't justify how so much money can be spent when it could go to other places that need it - that would be in the true Australian spirit.

On a totally different note, here is a picture of a couple of dishcloths that I finished ( I joined a yahoo group which does monthly KAL). The pictures aren't super good so here is a brief description of them both....The green one says "Happy 2010" and the cream one has hearts and a lace motif happening. Oh and I would like to say a big thanks to my cross stitch and fellow yarn worshiper Chars (Chars Blog) for giving me a website that stocks US yarns here in Australia, I might thank you buy the MOTH and my bank balance may not LOL

And I have my stitching mojo back. Yesterday I went to the filing cabinet where I have some of my charts stashed and closed my eyes and pulled out this one...

I have never done a sampler type cross stitch and so far I am enjoying it, and here is the progress that I acheived on Sunday. I am actually so into stitching this at the moment I need to get off the computer, hang the washing out, tidy up, run the vacum cleaner around and get back to it :-)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Picasso's Rooster: Finished, Framed and Hung

Well as I have been promising since early December here is the picture of Picasso's Rooster that I did for my mum for Christmas.  The matting colour didn't come out to good in the picture but is is a grey/blue that matches the blue used in the project really well, and also goes with my mums kitchen cupboards LOL.
Thanks for looking and pictures of more craft finishes coming up soon.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Feeling Hot Hot Hot!

What do you do when it is 42 deg (aka 107).  Well as this was Sunday turn the aircon on, watch the power meter whizz around like an out of control merry-go-round and vege out in front of the tv. We did venture outside into the blistering heat about 6.30pm, but this was only because the dogs were going stir crazy after not being outside all day except to pee and have a drink of water, even that was done in world record time as some bunny (aka me) had to go out with them so that they wouldn't lie out there and bake their brains LOL,  and even then it was still 40 (104). One bonus was that it was to hot to cook so we ordered Chinese and we have enough leftovers for tonights dinner also, gotta love a man who thinks with his stomach LOL.
Today we have the pleasure of another one of these days but they reckon it will only get to 40(104) yeah right, I will be at work all day in the air conditioning but all I can say is that someone better be home before me and have that air conditioner cranking!!!

You may be wondering what has happended to my craft finishes, well I will get back to posting some finishes later this week, once I have taken some pictures etc.

Monday, January 11, 2010

I Have Spent A Lot Of Time Waiting Lately...........

Over the last couple of weeks I have spent a lot of time in airports, either in a queue or on a hard uncomfortable chair.
The people watching aspect of an airport is wonderful, I find myself making up stories about the people around me including where they are going, what they will be doing there and who they will be leaving behind.
I am over air travel at the moment and am glad to be home, even though the temperature is going to be in the high 30's, low 40's over the next week or so, but hey that is what air conditioning was invented for LOL.
The MOTH and I decided yesterday that we are going to go on a trip to the UK and Ireland in 2011, I just really hope that we win lotto between then and now and we can upgrade to Business/First Class as 22 hours in a plane is gonna be a killer :-) And the MOTH hates being cramped in a space smaller than a breadbox for hours on end LOL.