Monday, February 22, 2016

What a Marathon

I have been putting off reading this book for so long....
But I have finally read and finished it. I love reading and always have but for some reason this book really stretched me.

Was it because I have already seen the TV show? I am not sure.

I am now reading.......
Which is the sequel to Rosemary's Baby, I am half way through it and have no idea how it is going to end!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Random Picture Post

Well my brother gave me his old phone over the weekend and it is 1000 times better than the old "smartphone" that I had. And as coincidence would have it we have just put a mobile phone recycling box in our office....but first I had to remove my photos from my old phone before assigning it to the box of death. I didn't realise I had so many photos on there, so today being Thursday I thought I would share a photo from my phone with you all.
 Banks Peninsula, New Zealand December 2015

Thursday, February 4, 2016

January 2016

Well January is done and dusted and what month it was.

*Apologies for the crappy pics but they were taken on my phone.

I decided that again 2016 will be the year of not buying any cross stitch stash apart from any DMC that I may need. And I am also making 2016 the year of stitching on UFO's (this might be a regular thing till 2025 at least LOL) I am going to work on one UFO per month and this month I worked on.......

When I picked it up again I only had the horse and that bit of yellow done so I managed to get quite a bit of green stuff done in January along with starting part one of the border.

For February I have pulled out a Lizzie Kate piece that I was working on. This was where I left it probably 12 months ago....

I am enjoying stitching again as I had lost my mojo late last year, but I do wish I had more time to stitch as working full time really only lets me stitch on weekends after everything else is done.

Well I mentioned at the top of this post that I was not going to buy any new stitching stash this instead I am waiting for some yarn to arrive in the post as I am wanting to knit myself a new cardigan in time for winter.