Monday, January 18, 2010

Feeling Hot Hot Hot!

What do you do when it is 42 deg (aka 107).  Well as this was Sunday turn the aircon on, watch the power meter whizz around like an out of control merry-go-round and vege out in front of the tv. We did venture outside into the blistering heat about 6.30pm, but this was only because the dogs were going stir crazy after not being outside all day except to pee and have a drink of water, even that was done in world record time as some bunny (aka me) had to go out with them so that they wouldn't lie out there and bake their brains LOL,  and even then it was still 40 (104). One bonus was that it was to hot to cook so we ordered Chinese and we have enough leftovers for tonights dinner also, gotta love a man who thinks with his stomach LOL.
Today we have the pleasure of another one of these days but they reckon it will only get to 40(104) yeah right, I will be at work all day in the air conditioning but all I can say is that someone better be home before me and have that air conditioner cranking!!!

You may be wondering what has happended to my craft finishes, well I will get back to posting some finishes later this week, once I have taken some pictures etc.

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  1. We didn't have it that hot and we are lucky to live near the beach and get the sea breeze. Hope it soons cools down.