Thursday, September 27, 2012

Am I Abnormal?

I am sitting here at work pondering the ways of the world and reading some blogs (now before some of you get all snippy this is between doing what I am supposed to be doing) and it got me to wondering...........

* Cue Sex in the City Theme Song


  • At home I don't have a wireless internet device we are plugged into the wall. (not dial up though thank God)
  • I don't have a laptop I have a PC
  • We still use windows xp
  • My mobile phone is not a "smart phone"
  • I have an iPad but it is a work one and kept at work
  • We don't download movies or tv shows
  • If the power goes off I need to read the DVR manual to reset the time
  • I still have a stash of VHS movies sitting around
  • MOTH will not do internet banking or pay bills online
  • We don't listen to music at home through an iPod we still use CD's or "gasp" listen to the radio
  • I accidentally found out how to "series link" a tv show on my DVR
Do you sometimes feel that technology is just going way to fast for you to keep up with?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

This Weekend

Tomorrow is a......
We are heading away for the weekend to stay here...............
To attend a...............
There will be lots of..................

And Sunday I will need to face a 4 hour drive home with maybe this as a passenger.... Oh I will be the passenger as MOTH will be driving LOL