Monday, April 27, 2009

What A Waste Of A Weekend

Well Friday night I didn't get anything achieved and Saturday morning got up early with all intentions of getting everything done in the AM, but a friend of SO's called in and put us an hour behind, so didn't end up getting home till after 12 and by then footy was on the TV and that put paid to the rest of the day grrrrrr.

Sunday was a lovely day but I am rereading the Harry Potter books and got sucked into reading most of the day, so didn't get any stitching done at all so I am a bit pi**ed off about that.

But today is a public holiday in Perth so I am going to quickly run the vacum cleaner around, clean the bathroom and hopefully then sit down and get some stitching done on my UFO (posting my progress here is certainly an incentive). So fingers crossed.

On a totally different subject.......GO THE SAINTS, whoo hoo 5 in a row. I am off to see them play in Melbourne in a couple of weeks so I hope I don't put the mocker on them :-)

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