Friday, December 3, 2010

Ornament Exchange - What I Sent

Okay, don't get excited - 2 posts in 2 days LOL. I had to wait until my ornament had reached its destination and my track record of getting things to a recipient in Canada are not that great.......but it arrived. This was for the annual ornament exchange over at 123 Stitch. My partner was Lynne in Canada and since I didn't want to send her a package all that way without a little something extra, so I asked Lynne what would she like from Australia and her response was .....

Cherry Ripe®

Cherry Ripe® Bar
The ripe juicy cherries and moist coconut smothered in rich Old Gold® dark chocolate ensures a unique taste experience.
As Australia's oldest chocolate bar, Cherry Ripe offers consumers an indulgent and rich treat.
Available in 52g, 80g, 216g and 18g Special Treats pieces, Cherry Ripe is the only bar to offer you the 'big cherry taste'.

So I sent her a bag of 12 mini Cherry Ripes.....oh I seemed to have gone off on a tangent and forgot that this post was about the ornament that I did for the exchange so without further ado here is a picture. It is from an issue of JCS Ornament Issue Magazine (can't remember which one) and using DMC.



  1. Vicky I love the little ornament you stitched for the 123 Stitch exchange. I especially like the way you have finished it.
    What a great idea to send include some yummy Cherry Ripe chocolate in your package. Just reading about it made my mouth water. Cherries and coconut in dark chocolate sounds like a dream come true :>)
    Warm wishes Angela xx

  2. Christmas has come early for some lucky person in Canada!

  3. The ornament is beautiful! Cherry Ripe sounds absolutely delicious, she's a lucky girl!

  4. Two posts in a row? Don't worry ~ we won't get spoiled! Awesome ornament for the exchange! I am sure Lynne loves it!