Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Catch Up.............

My other half normally just gives me $$ for Christmas and I go off and buy what I want but this year I  dropped in a few hints (actually took him to the shop and showed him what I wanted LOL) and he bought me this.................My kitchen is tiny and doesn't have a lot of bench space so this is just perfect for that extra bit of room that I need for kitchen prep or putting out an appliance. It was kit set, kind of like Ikea but easier and our track record of putting stuff like this together normally ends up with us not talking to each other the dogs MIA, but I can proudly say that the instructions on this one and the use of the supplied allan key was just the ticket and about 90 minutes after it was out of the box it was in my kitchen :)

 Craft wise I have been busy crocheting this lovely pillow, I got the pattern from The Royal Stitchers and let me just say that Michelle is wonderful as I had a bit of a problem emailed someone who has just completed the same pattern, they passed my email to Michelle and wham bam problem fixed!

I am catching up with my SIL tomorrow who lives a 2 hour plane flight away as she is flying out to New Zealand to visit her family and mine tomorrow night, so it is a flying visit. So the wine is in the fridge and chicken will be roasted in her honour :)

Now if you are still reading this post, I am sure you are aware that the Eastern States of Australia have been having the weather from hell, well today here in Perth, there are two massive bush fires out of control and I have heard on the news that 20 homes have been lost so far. Can you please now keep my town in your thoughts and hope that lose of life does not happen with these fires. Our firefighters are stretched to their limits and really don't need to be fighting two huge fires!


  1. My thoughts are certainly with you and all Australians - you've had it in the neck good and proper this month.

  2. Oh Vicky, I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed that the fires are brought under control as soon as possible and no more damage is done. Those poor people who lost their homes must be devastated. They are in my prayers.

    I love your fantastic Christmas present for your kitchen. What a useful addition to both storage and working space. I could do with one of those too. I ned to keep my eyes open.
    Your crocheted pillow is looking lovely. Lovely colours too.
    Angela xx

  3. The little table looks really handy, and your crochet is pretty.

  4. Love the little bench thingy.. very nice!