Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Why Is Blogging So Hard LOL

I can't believe how long I go between blogs. Some of you blog every day others every other day. I am lucky if it is once every month, and half my blog posts are BORING LOL.

This weekend was MOTH's birthday and he whinged all Saturday that I hadn't made him a cake or got him some chocolate etc. But ha I showed him and whipped up this Choc Chip Slice late Saturday afternoon for him.
The recipe came from HERE and it is so simple and quick. And while you are checking out this recipe check out the rest of the website as there are some fabulous eatables posted there.

I haven't been stitching much but on Saturday afternoon I picked up the crochet hook and whipped up some of these little babies......
They are super quick and once you make a couple they seem to just flow off the hook. The pattern is HERE if you are interested.
I am not sure what I am going to do with them yet but I am leaning towards christmas ornaments or something along those lines.

And there ends another ho hum blog post. Until next time followers :)


  1. I used to be a slack blogger but now I am an addicted one.I think the moe peopel that respond to yours and the more you comment the more addictive and fun it gets.Just a quick post a few times a week will keep you going.

  2. Not boring at all but wish I hadn't shown up the day you give that recipe! Looks so good! I've had a hard time being consistent too - you can schedule a post ahead of time, would that help?

  3. You had me at the choc chips... *drools*

  4. Thanks for the recipe hook-up. I'm going to try those!