Friday, October 19, 2012

Exchange Goodness and The Wedding

Well, the wedding was lovely but the spring weather was as usual unpredictable. We drove down in the pouring rain, checked into our hotel and well it being a country town there wasn't much else to do so went and sat in the bar.

Saturday dawned overcast and drizzly but as the day progressed the sun decided to come out and the clouds decided to vanish.

The venue for the wedding was amazing the spring blossom was out on the fruit trees........

Once the sun went down though holy moley it got cold and I mean freezing cold, most of us ended up playing pass the jacket, I ended up with MOTH's nieces jacket, she had on her boyfriends etc. It actually got so cold that we stopped drinking, yep that is correct it got to cold to drink LOL.
We ended up back in our hotel room by about 10pm. MOTH was asleep and I was lying there freezing my ample butt off so I got up put on a jumper, cranked the heater up and then managed to get some sleep.
All in all it was a great time and it was good to get away for the weekend but it is also good to get home again.

Now for some crafty news

I participated in a fob exchange and I made my partner a crocheted fob

Which I adapted from this pattern Yellow Pink and Sparkly Blog

and I received this in return from my patner (apologies this photo is totally crap but if you are a regular reader of this blog you know I take crap photos!) I currently have it hanging on a multi tiered candle holder as it really is to pretty to use as a scissor fob. (oh and I am debating as to if I should dye the lacy tablecloth in the above picture to some funky colour!)

I was also involved in a Halloween exchange and I had the most wonderful swap partner called Mariann, I don't think she has a blog :-(
Mariann sent me the most wonderful box of goodies and the ornament she stitched was fabulous......

I can't show you what I sent Mariann yet as it is still to arrive in her mail box, it has only been 15 days so far so hopefully early next week.....

Well the weekend is nearly upon us and I am happy to report that we actually have nada, zip, zero things on this weekend which is a first for us in awhile and I am totally looking forward to it.
The weather is supposed to be warming up with a high of about 27C on Sunday which means that MOTH will get the Harley out dust of the cobwebs and take it for a ride which will leave me at home on my own for half the day and I intend to craft that time away and watch the Simpsons - yes every Sunday morning I get 4 hours of the Simpsons on Foxtel. It is a nice way to start finishing off the weekend.

Well until next time Ciao

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