Friday, January 18, 2013

I Got Mail

Okay 2013 was supposed to be the year of no new stash buying but hey who can't resist a bargain, especially when that bargain includes FREE SHIPPING. And it isn't technically stash buying when it will help me get rid of stash is it?

*images from Amazon but books bought from (proudly supporting Australian companies when I can)

I have so much yarn lying around that something seriously needs to be done and hopefully these books can be part of the answer.
Just a word of warning if you follow my lead and purchase the one skein wonders book be aware that there are corrections for some of the patterns that need to be downloaded from the publishers website.

Well onwards and upwards towards the weekend my friends


  1. Haha....rules were meant to be broken! Enjoy your new books, they look great.

  2. Ah the pleasurable dangers of online shopping...

  3. Just looking at yarn in the basket makes me happy, but I suppose it might make a crafty one think: "got to get cracking on that!"

  4. Heyo, merry meet and such, thanks for following my blog! I will now stalk you and be jealous of the awesome things you make :)