Friday, February 15, 2013

Where Oh Where Is February Going

Wow, I can't believe that we are half way through February already!

MOTH* has given up smoking, it has been 3 days so far. He has been using the patch method and fingers crossed when I get home from work tonight some of his crankiness has moved on LOL. He wanted me to give up at the same time but well both of us cranky in the same house at the same time let me just tell you my blog wouldn't be getting updated unless I had computer access in the "Big House". Now don't get me wrong I want to give up but I have figured that I will wait a few weeks until MOTH is over the worst then give it a go.

On the crafty side of things I haven't been doing any stitching as I am just to beat when I get home from work and the eyes don't want to cooperate, but rest assured I have been keeping the hands busy by crocheting up a stripey blanket using my scraps, if you are very good followers I might even post a picture after the weekend :)

I went out at lunch time today as you do when it is a million degrees outside (slight exaggeration, today it was only supposed to get to 35C)  and picked up some new DVD's they were just over $6 each so can't complain about that..............

I think I saw this when it first came out but I can't remember

Read the back of this one and thought "why not"

If I can put up with Mr Cruise I should be able to get through this one

Love me some good ole Stephen King movies

Everyone needs a laugh every now and then

Now a question for you all - How many of you DVR stuff from the TV and then forget that you have got it??
I was going through mine the other day and found amongst other things......

  • A recording of the news from over 12 months ago (when we had the bushfire)
  • The Lion King movie (and we don't have kids or grandkidlits)
  • The last two episodes of Once Upon A Time (which I thought I had forgotten to DVR)
  • The Hangover (love this movie so should really just buy a copy)
  • The Bucket List (can't get into this movie, have tried a couple of time)
  • Must Love Dogs (I have just read the book and the movie was on tv at the same time) - Why bother basing a movie on a book when you use probably 10% of the book, I was super disappointed in this movie
  • The Queen (Helen Mirren is just awesome as Her Maj) - I love this movie Helen Mirren is wonderful , mind you I'm not sure about the Tony Blair factor and if he really had that much say in the whole matter.
  • The Exorcist (Love me some good horror)

So now the decision is what shall I watch this weekend, that is after the normal weekend chores are completed :)

*Man Of The House


  1. We cannot keep up with stuff we record from the TV. We have programmes and films going back to 2011 that we still haven't watched! There aren't enough hours in my life to watch all this TV!

  2. Good for MOTH on quitting smoking, as of the 15th I have been smoke-free for 4 years. Now if I could only lose the weight I put on it would be terrific.