Friday, November 29, 2013

Well What A Month.....

Spring time in Australia heralds wedding season.

We attended two weddings this month one entailing an overnight stay and the other a 4 day weekend and three nights away from home.
The first wedding was MOTH's kind of "step daughter" and MOTH had the pleasure of giving her away.
It was a lovely wedding, beside a lake with kangaroos hopping around and ducklings swimming on the lake.

The second wedding was very good friends of ours and our ex next door neighbours - they now live interstate and we try and catch up when we can.
This wedding  was held here and with Albany being known for its changeable weather it truly put on a glorious day for the wedding and reception after waking up to showers and overcast conditions.

Give adults plastic toys at weddings and what do you expect

Again give adults plastic toys and alcohol at weddings and what do you expect
I had never been to Albany before and I would love to go back and have a better look around, but one place we did check out was Emu Point, some people were in swimming already but let me tell you I wasn't one of them LOL

So what else has been happening in my little corner of the world......well I picked up a grab bag from Fabric Traders and this is what I got

The offcuts are of a decent size and have ideas I just need the time to get them going. But as I fly out Dec 22 or 23 for New Zealand I really doubt anything is going to happen until after the new year.

I have finished all my exchanges for the year and am just waiting on stuff to arrive at its destination - oops no I haven't I have christmas cards to write in and post! That will be next weeks job :)

I have picked up some lovely vintage dresses  recently and will take some photos for another blog post.

And to finish off, I treated myself to a new votive holder for Halloween........

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