Monday, February 3, 2014

What I Am Working On

Well I have finished one cross stitch project for 2014 (pictures will be posted once I charge my camera). I then decided to go through my WIP/UFO basket, which is huge by the way LOL and grab something out of there to work on.....

I put my hand in......hovered over a ziplock bag......moved my hand again and pulled out the next ziplock bag....opened it up and thought "I don't even remember buying that, let alone starting it". I had put in a grand total of about 30 stitches!! So onto the q-snaps it went I started stitching on it and then had a lightbulb moment as to why it got put in the bucket!! It was stitched on linen and linen is not my most favorite thing to stitch on but I am persevering and it is slowly coming together.

Again a picture of my progress will be posted once the camera is charged :)  But I did go online and find a picture of what it will look like when I have finished..........
Lizzie Kate Very Scary Sampler

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