Thursday, March 27, 2014

I Have A New Place To Shop!

And just when you thought I had given up blogging up I pop again LOL!

Things have been hectic over in my small corner of the world and we are currently experiencing a bit of an Indian Summer but the mornings are getting darker and a few nights a couple of weeks ago the hoodie had to come out, but I'm not complaining as I think I am ready for winter and the dragging out of trackie pants and ugg boots.  Any hoo back on to what my post is really about.

When shopping I try to purchase things that don't add to the the woes of the earth and I have found a one stop shop that is great Lush . No testing on animals is another big thing. And the best news is Lush stores can be found in many countries around the world. :)

My current favs are

The smiley and revitalising citrus shower gel for carefree hippies. Our pink grapefruit shower gel is a magic potion to make the office seem inviting and dreary Monday mornings. It’s made with fresh and juicy pink grapefruits

Jungle Conditioner One sniff of our tropical solid conditioner and you'll think you're in a fruity jungle, flying on a vine from tree to tree. Made without packaging (so there's no litter in the jungle) or preservatives (it dissolves into the earth without harm), and a base of cocoa butter that melts into hair leaving it glossy and smooth. Fresh organic avocado extract nourishes and bananas moisturize and soften

Karma Komba Shampoo Bar Calm, fragrant hair and scalp and fewer tangles. Karma Komba is the shampoo bar to calm hair that keeps starting fights and ends up in tangles. (Use Jungle solid conditioner, too.) We scent it with our beautifully calming, mentally elevating Karma fragrance. It has toning orange oil, with pine and patchouli to help keep your scalp soothed and free of problems. 
And I have just bought some of this to try

Sexy Peel Soap The wake-you-up-for-breakfast citrus one. What wakes you up in the morning? The birds singing? A set of four alarm clocks? Or a hungry cat yowling by your bed? Whatever your method, we recommend Sexy Peel to bring you back for breakfast. Use our fresh lemon, grapefruit and lime juice soap to wash away sleepiness and breathe in revitalizing fruitiness.

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