Friday, September 5, 2014

I Actually Miss Blogging!

Well got the tittle of my post done but now sitting here going what the he** am I gonna write about!

I realised last night that I actually miss blogging, not that I was ever the most prolific blogger around and I am sure my posts are not the most riveting that anyone has read but I have realised that I miss putting an idea, rant, finished project out there - ha ha finished project yeah I bet you are all saying "having seen one of them in a while" LOL. I am currently having a bout of startitis, not sure if I want to crochet, knit or cross stitch, I should really be getting the sewing machine out but the amount of energy needed to wipe the dust off it is just not worth it.

Well it is Friday in my little part of the world and I will soon be setting off for home and once there, it might just be wine o'clock and I can sit down and watch episode 4 (?) of Outlander. I am currently recording these and saving them as I have been watching them each week but interruptions abound in my house so I am saving them to rewatch in November when I will home alone for a week, oh apart from the dogs but they enjoy watching tv with me LOL. Oh and one more thing I look forward to on a Friday night is getting the groceries delivered, yes I have jumped on this bandwagon and love it, no more fighting over the last lettuce, specials being sold out, I just order online and it gets delivered to my door....... (happy sigh with glass of wine in hand)

So where ever you read my blog from I will be returning to try and post more regularly but until my next post Ciao :)

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