Friday, March 4, 2016

March Madness - Stitching, Music and Ramblings

Now where to begin and it is only Friday 4th March....

Here is an update on my UFO stitching from February
This was at the beginning of February - Lizzie Kate Very Scary Mystery Sampler
End of February
(WOW what a difference in the quality of photos when you get a new phone, thank you my darling brother!!)

Now my UFO for March is this one.....
Glendon Place - Frank's Family Portrait
As of the beginning of March my progress to date is very sad......
Now this one will be interesting as it has a lot of colour changes and that is one thing I hate LOL.

Treated myself to some new tunes to listen to.

The first one is the soundtrack to the new HBO Show "Vinyl" - brilliant show and awesome soundtrack - warning it does have bad language throughout the show but that isn't a problem with me.
 the next album I bought was
I first heard this when I was staying at my brothers place when I was on holiday. If you are into "alternative" meaning this will not be played on normal commercial radio then I totally recommend this album.

Next (hey I have been new music deprived for years LOL)
This is a New Zealand Reggae type band - highly recommend them as it is also very easy to listen too.

And finally.......
A couple of these songs have been totally overplayed but still a good album by a young Australian.

And some final ramblings...

Work is uber busy and we currently have a recruitment freeze in the State Government so replacing anyone who leaves is virtually impossible, so everyone is under the pump doing their own jobs and helping out where we can.
Thank god it is a long weekend here in the west so I will get three days to recharge my batteries.

I have been watching the US Presidential race on TV, OMG is the prospect of Donald Trump becoming President scary or what. I just hope the people who vote use commonsense to ensure a good outcome.

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