Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Two Posts In A Week

I know, I know. Blog posting with me is either feast or famine and apparantley August is heading towards the feast side of things but I just had to share.....

I picked up my August Fandom of the Month Box this morning on my way to work and just had to share what it contained.

Now this should give you a clue - it was on top and is a postcard and a fridge magnet.

Do you know what this months theme is yet? Another clue to follow:

Yes it is a HOGWARTS themed box and it contained:
A bracelet made up of all the Houses badges (now not sure if I will wear this but it can be repurposed)

Earrings - which if you look closely have Hogwarts on them (these I am currently wearing)

A Fat Lady necklace and she moves when you twist it from side to side (now I will probably wear this but take it off the chain and perhaps put it on a ribbon or something)
And last but not least.......

A Whomping Willow ring, this is awesome and have already had comments about.

For about $33 Aus a month this is a great little treat to myself. Now wonder what the August box will bring. Oh and I promise I will take pics from the beginning of the opening process :)

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