Thursday, June 11, 2009

How Hard......

I never realised that it would be this hard to keep a blog updated. Mind you working full time, doing all the homebody things as well make it pretty hard to get time to myself and with the added bonus of having had someone move in with us and bring their 2 year old child my life is not my own at the moment.
Now don't get me wrong I don't mind helping people out but I am not a kid person, and our house is not set up for kids. This weekend I will be laying down some rules as I find it unfair that when I get home at 5pm I need to suddenly start cooking dinner so that the "baby' can eat and go to bed, hey I'm not the parent here plus I normally don't need to start cooking until about 6-6.30pm.
Oh boy this post has made me sound really selfish, gee dad I guess you were right all those years ago when you called me selfish after I made the decision not to have kids LOL
On a totally different note....HOW BOUT THEM SAINTS!!!!!! Lets see if we can make it 12 in a row against Carlton this Friday night.

On the crafting front, I really have the bug to stitch, knit or do something, I think it is the weather. I did get some more done on Celtic Banner and I will post some pictures hopefully this weekend. Oh yeah and one more thing, how hard can it be to make a fabric yoyo even when you have the plastic thingame to help, well let me tell you......Bloody hard LOL, I had to end up going online and finding a pictorial tutorial to help me, so obviously I am a visual learner not a written instruction learner LOL

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