Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Last Couple Of Weeks

Well I have been to Melbourne, it was great. The above picture was taken in Docklands, it is the side of a building and the silver bit moves in the wind, totally amazing. Of course I spent to much money but isn't that what our Ruddy Money was for LOL
I went to the MCG and watched Carlton flog Collingwood, the crowd was about 85,000 and it was an amazing atmosphere.

But I think my highlight was going to Etihad and watching the Saints take on Essendon, it was a close game, we only won by 19 points but the best bit was that we were only 3 rows from the boundary so I managed to get some great pictures.

Winter has arrived in Perth, and today is overcast and showery. All our mandarins have been blown off the tree, this happened last year also, but they weren't ripe enough to pick so we will have to wait until next year.
With this rainy weather though I will get some stitching done and maybe a bit of reading.

I have bought some yoyo makers off of ebay and hopefully they arrive before next weekend so that I can do something with all my bits and bobs of fabric that I have lying around, and next weekend is a long weekend and the last one until September.

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