Sunday, August 2, 2009

Don't ya just love it.............

When you are lazing around in your pj's on a Sunday morning and people pop in to visit LOL.

Well it is 11am now and still in my pj's, I need to make the effort to go and get dressed, but it is to cold. Also I need to get the chicken in the crockpot for tonights dinner or we wont be eating until late and we can't have that as tomorrow is a work day.
Speaking of work, well last week wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, so hopefully things go along smoothly...........

An update on my cross stitch, if you remember I said I was going to do Picasso's Rooster over one, well I am an idiot, it is just to time consuming and for some reason there is one part that doesn't add up for me so I am going to start again and do it over two. So that is another reason to get off this computer and get my ass into gear LOL.

But before heading off I would like to leave you all with a wonderful picture from New Zealand that we took last November, this is Doubftful Sound, in Fiordland a place I highly recommend that you visit.

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