Sunday, August 30, 2009

Some New Finishes

Well I have finally taken some pictures and downloaded them of my latest finishes, no cross stitch but some knitting and crochet ones, they are all going to be christmas gifts.

This is a scarf that I knitted for my mum for Christmas, the colours didn't come out very well, the wool is green with little bits of blue through it with gold thread, I will try and get a better picture. It was just a wide rib of knit 5, purl 5.

This is a dishcloth made from Sugar and Cream cotton, it was super easy to do and the edges have bobbles on them - this will be for a secret Santa exchange later in the year.
The pattern is basically:

Cast on 44 stitches
Knit first row
Cast on 2 stitches, bind off 2 stitches, knit the rest of the row
Then Cast on 2 stitches, bind off 2 stitches knit the rest of the row
And you continue like this until it is the size you want.
Knit last row and bind off
See told you it was simple!!

And this is table runner made with some Christmas themed cotton, I just made this up as I went along LOL

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