Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I was RAKed


I am happy dancing as an anonymous cross stitcher RAKed me, for those of you who don't know what a RAK is, it is a Random Act of Kindness.  They sent me a chart that I was wishing for. I fell in love with the chart after watching Taffy stitch it up over here Taffy's Blog, check out Taffy's blog as she is a speedy stitcher and all her work if fabulous.

Any way this is the chart that I received, but I am not going to start it until I have finished the current piece I am doing (my resolution for 2010)
So if the person who RAKed me reads my blog, thank you so much for making me happy, and please reveal yourself so that I can thank you personally, well not personally but you know what I mean!


  1. Oh wow, Vicky! That is a great RAK to receive!

  2. What a great RAK. BLoggers are great aren't they.