Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It Wasn't Raining Men

but it was raining big ass hail stones and heaps of rain.  Yep Perth has finally broken its drought but at the expense of homes and cars being damaged.  This storm cell moved across Perth City at 4pm and yes guess who was waiting for the bus outside work and was crammed into a bus shelter with about 20 other people...ME!  The hail was not coming down vertically but was sweeping in sideways and it was not pleasant.

I managed to out run the storm all the way home but as soon as I got inside the front door it arrived. The MOTH was out driving in it and I had to contend with 2  very freaked out dogs and the water level rising around the house.  The thunder and lightening was amazing, the airport was closed and the rain just pelted down for a good hour or so.  They reckon Perth airport got 25mm in 10 minutes, for some of you that may not sound like much but for us people who live in arid Perth and very close to the airport that is a hell of a lot.
Come 6pm the skies were clear again and the humidity was back. You are probably wondering why I am posting about this but if you lived in Western Australia you would understand, we tend to get very excited about the first rain after summer LOL.

Okay, I am also going to post some craft updates as the page addition tabs at the top are only for static pages and you can't comment etc, so can't really find out what use they would be :-)

 Here is a small finish that is also going into Easter Exchange package heading to the US.  The chart was a freebie that I got off the internet and I used WDW, the colours look better in person than what came out in the picture, as they are very pastely and easter looking.

Here are a couple of dishclothes that I have finished in the last couple of months. The first one is a valentines theme for the February KAL
And this is one of the ones for the March KAL but this is going into an Easter Exchange parcel which is going to a wonderful friend in the US. The colour doesn't come out great in the photo but it is called Mango and is fabulous.


  1. Incredible weather. And being a Brit I appreciate this kind of thing.

  2. Crazy weather! Love those dishcloths. I haven't made one for ages but you've just inspired me. X

  3. Funny to hear people talk about summer when it is still almost winter here.

    We get a lot of bad storms in the summer.

  4. Hi Vicky, thx for your kind comment and for accepting my double-dawg bunny dare:) Very cute bunny you've stitched! I know there are some lovely bigger samplers with wabbits, somewhere out there, maybe we'll get lucky and see one or two...