Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Back In The Land Of Blogging

Well, I have had a busy couple of weeks.  I had to fly back home due to my dads health.  My brother and I had to sort out some things with our parents, see what extra benefits my parents are entitled to etc. The lady at Work and Income did tell my mum that she had lovely children and that they are very supportive and helpful.....Ha, she doesn't realise that my brother and I can only be in the same room for a short amount of time before the sparks fly, we are just so totally different.  Maybe is was a good idea that we stayed in totally different houses while we were over there.  But there isn't anything like a family crisis to pull people closer, we have even been in contact since we both got back to our respective homes (insert twilight show music here LOL).  So maybe this is the beginning of a better relationship between us both.

On a totally different note MOTH and I am having a dry week, not that we drink excessively but we are just going to try going dry Monday to Thursday inclusive, this does mean living like hermits, banning visitors and the like..gee are we easily influenced or what?

Some sad news........we have gotten rid of Cable tv, for nearly $80 per month we expected more than repeats and commercials. Luckily free to air has bought in some new channels so we will see how we go over the coming weeks, last night MOTH played solitare on the computer, I had the dinner dishes done by 6.30pm but maybe this has something to do with the earlier paragraph on not drinking during the week rather than getting rid of cable LOL.
Last night I made Pumpkin, Sweet Potato and Bacon Soup for dinner, it was great with enough left over that I have some for lunch today, here is the recipe for those of you interested:

Into a slow cooker throw about 500g of peeled pumpkin, 3 - 4 medium sized peeled sweet potatoes, a ham hock or about 500g of cooked bacon bones, 2 onions peeled and cut into large dice. I left this cooking for about 12 hours and when I got home from work I pulled the bacon bones out pulled all the meat of them, blitzed the soup, chucked the meat back in, reheated and then dished up. If you don't have a slow cooker this can be done in a large pot on the stove top but of course you need to be home to give it a stir every now and then.

Okay, now onto the craft front....... I have been knitting and last night after getting half way through the left front of a jacket I am doing I realised I had totally mucked up, it was a simple pattern but me being me, didn't read the pattern properly and just went with what I thought the pattern said. "Wrong"!!! I had to un pull the whole lot last night and  will restart again tonight.  I also have some pictures to post of the fabulous pincushion that I received in a swap, some floss that I won and a picture of the stupid ***** jacket I am knitting so stay tuned!!!


  1. I admire your bravery in getting rid of cable. I'm sure I'd have more time to do things if I did the same... but it's just making the break, you know?

  2. I agree with Steve, admiration indeed! Getting rid of cable and the drink in the same week ;) Good for you, though, all change is good and cable is so expensive these days for what is mostly repeats, as you said.

    Thanks for the recipe, I see it on the menu next week in my home :)

    Sending warm thoughts for your road ahead with your parents and especially your Dad...it is not easy to see our parents becoming "elderly." Please keep your friends (us) posted.

    Hugs kiddo
    Ma TK

    and thanks for your visit and sweet comment on my blog. XO