Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Out of Hibernation

Well as you know it is winter here in the Southern Hemisphere and life goes on. It is wet, damp, overcast, oops hold that thought, I just had a quick look out my office window and there is sunshine out there but you can guarantee it wont be there at 4pm when I leave the office!

I have been doing my usual winter hobby and watching some DVD's, last Sunday it was a big Chick Flick marathon for one. The featured movies were:
Confessions of a Shopaholic, Love Actually and PS I Love You. Nothing rounds off a rainy Sunday better than a glass of wine and a cry LOL

This time of year for us is a total bummer, apart from it being winter, it is tax time, all the major bills find their way into our letter box (land rates, water rates etc) and I find myself feeling blue and imagining it being summer and reading all your blogs and feeling jealous that you get to spend time in the sun, whinge about your air conditioning not working properly, the house at the lake needs a coat of paint etc LOL

I have been doing some crafts, but need to find the camera charger before I can take some pictures and post them, so I finish off this post with a picture that I found on my thumbdrive of a Jacaranda Tree a few doors down from my house in the last glow of the setting summer sun.............................


  1. As an Aussie I say bring on Summer!!!!

  2. True, it is summer here in the UK but summers here in the UK are unreliable things. Just think: when I'm moaning about the dark winter nights you will be glorying in your wonderful summer! And I bet we'll both still be complaining about the bills.

  3. So glad to drop by your blog. You have a new follower now! ;-)