Thursday, July 1, 2010

Theme Thursday

To check out this weeks Theme Thursday.
Any who the theme is blue and this week something that colour blue scared the crap outta me. It was a message in my inbox with one of these attached.......
Ignore the bag, its the buttons that I wanted LOL
Now it wasn't from an old high school acquaintance that wanted to catch up, it wasn't from someone claiming to be my second cousin twice removed, and it wasn't from the really cute guy who catches the bus in the was from my ex-husband!!!!


  1. Did he want to add you as a friend on Facebook?

  2. Uh oh! That ignore button must have been pretty inviting! lol

  3. Oh no! At least he emailed instead of calling.

  4. LOL ... ex husband, huh? I've got one of those and while we talk on the phone now and again, to get an email from him would be frightening. Thanks for visiting my blog.