Monday, August 23, 2010

Crafts, Gardening and Food

Yep I am still here and it is nearly the end of winter :) I have noticed some trees in blossom and this morning it was lighter at 6am than normal.

The subject line is how I am going to go about posting this entry and if you are a vegetarian or something like that I wouldn't read right to the end :)

First cab off the rank is my cross stitching, I have finally started "Sleepy Hollow" the chart I was raked with earlier in the year.

I have got this much done, it is going to be the back end of the horse......

Now in preparation for summer we pruned our fruit trees, they were huge. We have an orange tree, mandarin tree and a lime tree. The lime is my favourite as it has so many uses including putting a slice of lime in my Corona LOL.
 The poor ole mandarin tree got the worst cut of all, the tree must be about 40 years old and for the last couple of years it hasn't been fruiting to well, so give a man a chain saw and it wont be fruiting for the next 5 years LOL.

Now if you are a vegetarian stop reading now and go to another blog ............
The other night MOTH got given a rabbit, in all its naked glory. Now I have put off having to cook "Thumper" for the 20 years that we have been together but that was only cause I would never buy it, not expecting someone to give us a rabbit. I mean I have dealt with venison, goat, beef, sheep etc but not cute furry "Thumper"
So after a phone call to my mum, a quick search on Google I decided to roast it.  I basted it with olive oil and salt and pepper and chucked it in the oven with some vegies.
The picture below is the final result, the before picture is just to gross so I am not going to post it.

Oh and rabbit tastes just like chicken LOL


  1. I think your stitchy project looks like fun!

    Someone gave you rabbit to cook? At least it was in it's 'naked glory' and you didn't have to kill and skin it. YUCK!

  2. Rabbit... bleah. My Dad raised rabbits for butchering for a while and I never took them/ate them when he offered for the same reason you meantioned. I just couldn't eat that cute furry creature! Again, bleah. My parents and others have confirmed it tastes like chicken, too.

    Your stitching looks good so far. Had to LOL @ that poor tree.