Friday, August 6, 2010

Day Book Journel

Day book journal

I saw Rowyn's day book journal on her blog. I really enjoyed reading it and thought I would give it a go myself.

Outside my window ..... It is murky and there are people, traffic and NOISE.

I am thinking .... about the weekend, as it is Friday

I am thankful for ...... Today, the boss isn't in, most of my work is done and it is FRIDAY.

I am wearing ..... Jeans, Mary Janes, long black top and a QuickSilver New Zealand Hoodie (casual dress day at work folks )

I am loving …. The music coming out of my iPod, currently it is Eine Klein Nachtmusik, but the next song could be Pink, Kid Rock, The Clash who knows the excitement is killing me.

I am stitching .... Nothing at the moment, but I do need to get ready to get some exchange pieces started.

I am hoping .... that the weather is good over the weekend, so that I can get my laundry dry without having to hang it all over the house LOL

I am drooling over .... a lovely Kitchenaid mixer that I saw at David Jones

I am sorely tempted by ......  see my post above LOL

I am hearing ...... A bus at the bus stop under my window and Kasey Chambers out of my iPod

I am reading ..... Jim Butcher's "Changes"

On my mind .....Knock off work time at 4pm.

From my picture journal…. This is just something that amused me LOL


  1. I am thankful for ...... Today, the boss isn't in, most of my work is done and it is FRIDAY... - snap! Same here! I love Fridays with the boss away - it's almost a holiday!

  2. Thanks for playing along Vicky! :-)

  3. Even though you posted this last week, it is always Friday that we can be thankful for! lol