Sunday, January 2, 2011

Well 2011 Is Here

Yes it is the usual post from me this time of year. It is HOT here in the west! Today is supposed to be about 40 which is over 100 in the alternate temp taking gauge LOL. The air con and fans are on, the house is closed up tighter that a maximum security prison and I still have to go outside soon and bring some washing in off the line - I am procrastinating as usual about doing this and that is why I don't do new year resolutions LOL

I hope you all behaved yourselves on NYE, I managed to stay awake until 11.30, we spent the night sitting out the back listening to a band play at a party 2 doors up the street. We were invited to the party but just couldn't be bothered LOL

Only 2 more days then it is back to work after being off since Christmas Eve, but why is it now that I am only starting to sleep in and relax.

In a previous post I mentioned that I was joining a challenge for 2011 to try and get rid of some UFO's that I have lying around, well I have made a new page just for this and have uploaded a couple of pictures of what it should look like when finished and where it is up to and let me say that it is pretty sad but hopefully posting updates and pictures will spur me on.


  1. Checked out your WIP for the challenge - She looks like a lot of solid stitching! But, oh how cute when finished!

    Good luck!

  2. 11.30? That's pretty darn good - I barely made it past 10.0...!

  3. Happy New Year! I too am just getting used to sleeping late and tomorrow it's back to work. :( I really could get used to this staying home deal. :)

    What a cute piece you choose for your first wip in the challenge. I'm looking forward to seeing more.

  4. About the time my thermometer reads 95 degrees F ~ I start wishing for Winter. However, when I switched my computer on this morning the temp said 9. 9, really? I wish it was Summer...

  5. Hi Vicky.

    Thanks for following my blog.

    11:30? is that all? I was up til 3am! lol We didn't realise it was that late, though.

    You are very lucky to have air con! I only have ceiling fans, they do nothing! can't wait for winter.

    looking forward to seeing your progress on the UFO's

    Happy Stitching and all the best for the new year.