Monday, November 21, 2011

November - The Month That Money Could Fly

November started out like any other month. 30 days, the sun rising in the morning and setting in the evening. **Christmas**  fast approaching. Each work day you dream about how long it is till your next holiday blah blah blah blah.............

The car goes in to get the air con regassed as summer is coming and nothing worse than driving around in hell like temperatures, comes out again costing a couple of hundred $$, yep we can live with that, goes back in because the air con is not running cold. Comes out again a week and a half later with a price tag of over $1500 (apparently the air con had a leak, duh don't they check that before regassing!)..............needless to say that "mechanic" will not be seeing us again or any of our friends that we have recommended him to (I wont go into all the tech talk as I really really want you to continue reading)
We don't use scheme water to water our lawns or gardens we have a bore. For the last few months our bore hasn't worked due to a problem with the power pole out the front of the house and the power company continually going "No problemo" - this has not been an issue as we were still getting rain which was enough. Well the weather is warming up and our lawn is starting to look like this..........

So we replace the bore (nearly $1000) get it fitted then find out the the switch that turns it off and on does not the hunt begins for those invisible tradespeople called ELECTRICIANS!! People have heard of them, but they are rarely seen actually on a job doing electrical work. After 2 failed attempts at getting an electrician around to look at the job let alone replace the switch, oh sorry yes one did turn up but failed to turn up on the day he allocated to replace the switch so he got told where to go.........we resort to dragging the local paper out of the recycling bin and ringing every bloody electrican that is listed. Now tell me what does "mobile phone" mean to you - you are contactable or can ring someone back when they leave a bloody message!!!  (INSERT BIG DEEP BREATH)

Finally we get an electrician that says he will come around and look at what we need doing, insert a couple of high fives, hand pumps, happy dances whatever you want as he does turn up and we proceed to give him a list of what we need done............

1.  Hook up the new air conditioner that we have just had installed as previously we spent our summers hanging out like this and fighting the dogs for the fans .....
2. Replace  6 ceiling fans
3. Get the bore working buy installing switch blah blah blah

Can't you tell we were so excited that we added things to the original list!

Well this lovely man turned up on Saturday morning, installed the new switch for the bore and proceeded to install the new fans.. here you would think we would be so deliriously happy with this man well we were but I think he might be bad luck or something............

I was getting ready to go and do the food shopping and opened the freezer door and everything had DEFROSTED!!! Opened the normal section and everything was warm, even my wine which is a crime and can not be tolerated at all!!!! That is unless I drunk red wine, but I don't so there!
The fridge had died, gone to that great white appliance ground in the sky, become landfill fodder (just joking on that, we are actually going to get someone around to collect it they can try and get it going again and onsell as a beer fridge or something useful like that)

So was heading out to tell the other half the fantastic news about the fridge and he comes in and goes "Guess What" but I jump in and tell him my fantastic news about the fridge and he loses it - WOW the dogs took off and hid behind the shed, I think the electrician went back down the bore hole he had just crawled out of and our flatmate skulked out the back door. Because unbenonst (is that a word??) to me the other half was coming in tell me that the bore would still not be working by the end of the day as the wires that went from the switch to the bore had broken somewhere underneath our back yard!!!
So Saturday night was spent digging a trench from one end of our yard to the other so that the electrican can lay some new wiring and hopefully come back one night this week to finish off the job....

But I did get a new fridge (totally new story on the delivery driver that delivered it) it has LED lights inside, door alarms and a quick chill section for my wine, which will probably get a good work out once I get my new supply delivered.

So all in all November has probably cost us around $7000 including the new air conditioner. I have come to the conclusion that Summer hates me as all the above are summer related things to assist with making our life so much nicer during the hot months.... oh and if you know of an electrician, love him, treat him with respect, make him cups of tea or coffee as they are a rare breed............and if you read to the end of this thank you :0)


  1. Oh. Dear. Lord. You have my sympathy. If it's any consolation, I'm still waiting for a plumber to turn up. He said he'd be here Tuesday - I think that was in September. Oh, and the last plumber we had before that couldn't find where to turn the water off to fix a tap.

  2. So know where you're coming from. For us the shower started leaking, the exhaust fell off the car, my PC screen broke, our boiler stopped working, the wind blew part of our garden fence down and the fan on our oven won't turn off at all. And there's still 9 days of the month to go.

  3. Holy crap! Your life sounds like mine! LOL

  4. Oh my Lord Vicky, what a month. I cry when things like this happen. Our house was just remodelled two years ago and so far no huge things have happened but even the small things add to days of work...