Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Feliz Navidad etc etc

This is just a fly by post as I just don't know where the time has gone. Can you believe that it is nearly Christmas. I am going to have to do my usual Christmas shopping blitz and hit the mall with a list and a couple of spare hours on Sunday.......not quite the night before Christmas but pretty close LOL. At least I don't need to buy any Christmas paper as I have a huge stash left over from last year as I went gift bags instead, me wrapping presents is not a pretty sight, have you ever seen an adult get sticky tape stuck in their hair...............

My mum arrives on Friday afternoon and I have but one christmas decoration up and the house is a mess. I did go home with good intentions of doing some cleaning last night but well a recorded episode of Upstairs Downstairs and a glass of wine won the call instead, maybe tonight.

My last day of work before the Christmas break is December 23 and I don't come back until January 9, boy am I looking forward to that break as 2012 is going to be the working year from hell if 2011 is anything to go by!!

I will pop in again next week and let you know how my Christmas shopping went, if my house was clean for when my mum arrived and what happened in the next episode of Upstairs Downstairs so until then..........
And remember


  1. ah - playing "Christmas Chicken"... seeing how long you can leave it. A friend of mine once left it to a late night shop on Christmas Eve. It was manic but he got some real bargains.

    Hope your shopping trip goes well and considerably less manic!

  2. Sorry Vicky, third time lucky to leave a comment. this new blogger thing has got me confused. We heading off to New Zealand for Christmas so can't wait for the warm weather!