Thursday, May 3, 2012

Why Didn't You Tell Me What I Was Missing??!!

Well the MOTH* is currently away for a week having a bonding session with his blokey mates and when I am getting home from work the dogs haven't being much of a conversationist, except to welcome me home with so much enthusiasm you would have thought I had trekked to the South Pole and back ( I am only out of the house for just under 12 hours, mind you in dog time that is a long time). Once they are feed I am pretty much ignored but this lead me to thinking how to fill the few hours until bed etc.
I tried rewatching some DVD's I had but just couldn't focus so the other day during my lunchbreak I went to the DVD store and there sitting out on special was...........

All for under $20 a season. So I picked up season 1 -4 and settled in on Tuesday night for a bit of DVD watching.

Have I been living under a rock or something, I love this show! I love the fashion! the music! the people! How come this has been on tv for 4 seasons with the 5th season just started here in Australia and I had never watched it!

I have just started watching season 2 and can't wait to get home tonight, fill the dogs in on my latest expedition, pour a glass of wine, hit the play button and be transported back to the 60's.

Oh and if Don Drapper knocked on my door while MOTH was away I don't think I would be telling him to go away...who knows the dogs might like to hear about his latest expedition :)

*Man of the house


  1. Haven't seen this... but I am a great fan of eschewing the dubious joys of the TV for the glory of a DVD boxed set!

  2. Was this at JB Hi Fi? I have been waiting FOREVER for this series to go on special. I've only ever watched bits and pieces of it, and I think it would be a good one to watch as a marathon.

  3. Hi

    I must be under a rock or something too - I've never heard of it!

    Enjoy your DVD's.

  4. I know - we lost days catching up on this. just hung out on the couch all day, forgot to pick up the kids and me and the hubs stayed up to small hours!