Monday, May 21, 2012

A Funny Thing Happened On The Weekend

Now those of you who know me, know I hate ironing. In fact I go out of my way to buy clothing that doesn't need ironing.

But the MOTH in a moment of fevered I don't know what went out and bought himself some clothes.  Amongst the new purchases were a couple of black dress shirts. I thought geez that makes a difference from him wearing a polo shirt out when we go out or pulling on a tatty old tshirt with a saying splashed across the front.

Well yesterday we had a family picnic to go to and about half an hour before we were leaving MOTH announces he was going to take a shower and that he would like to wear one of his black shirts.....

My first thought was holy c*** where are the shirts and then I stopped panicking when I realised I had washed them the other week so they were clean which is a bonus point, but then it was minus 5 bonus points when I realised it was still in the bottom of the clean laundry basket arghhhhhhhhhh

My next thought was holy holy c*** where is the iron!!
Now I haven't seen the iron for about 12 - 18 months but I faintly remember my mum using it when she was over at Christmas time ( my mum is an ironaholic, so obviously that gene missed a generation)

Now I know that no one was going to buy the excuse.......

especially MOTH so I had to find the iron and fast. I knew that he was nearing the end of his shower and would want to head out the door soon after.

After finding the ironing board rather quickly (in less than 5 minutes) and no, the iron was not with the ironing board!
I checked the laundry, the master bedroom cupboards, the office, the guest room and well basically that was our house (it isn't a McMansion) I still couldn't find the iron. 
I was starting to panic and thought oh well, good ole polo shirts here we come when I went into the guest room to turn off the light and there sitting on top of the filing cabinet (yep I know I said our house has an office but the filing cabinet is kept in the guest room and that is totally another story for another day) was the stupid iron!!

Now I'm not sure if it mysteriously orbed there from an alternate universe or if I just hate ironing so much that I had a man look and didn't register the evil household appliance sitting there........

So anyhoo, I was ironing the shirt when MOTH got out of the shower and came over to see how I was going.
He opened his mouth and the following started to come out....."Your mum irons better than you" well I turned to him and he was on the other end of this ......

Well the above was  better than an iron shaped burn mark on his forehead!!!!


  1. lol! I hate ironing too!
    Hope you enjoyed the party.

  2. If that was the look he got I'm sure he got the message and he appreciates the absence of iron burn marks on the forehead. LOL!

  3. I used to love ironing when it was just one shirt, but now...

  4. Oops thought I commented sorry, must have been too busy doing ironing (ha - I don't even know where the iron is, my husband does it all)