Monday, June 11, 2012

Off to the Land of the Long White Cloud

My mother is having a significant birthday, so being the most wonderful daughter in the world I am heading home to help her celebrate.  MOTH* is coming along for the ride too.
But we are not doing things the normal way by flying from Perth to Christchurch with a 3 hour stop over in either Melbourne or Sydney.....NO...... we are taking our time getting there.

1. Leaving Perth and it it wonderful winter weather - I might have to retract that statement as we had a storm come through yesterday and we had no power for 6 hours!

Average Winter Temperatures
June: Daytime 18-21C Overnight Minimum 9-12C
July: Daytime 15-18C Overnight Minimum 6-9C
August: Daytime 18-21C Overnight Minimum 9-12C

2. Arriving in Melbourne, catching up with friends for dinner and staying the night at a hotel.

3. Flying from Melbourne to Wellington, and spending the night in another hotel. (I haven't been to Wellington since I was about 10 years old and MOTH has never been there. But we don't arrive till near 5pm and being winter it will either be nearly dark or dark so we wont actually see much)

4. Now this is where it gets interesting...The next day MOTH heads off to catch the Ferry across to Picton (according to today's weather forecast there are gale force winds in the Strait!)  What the crossing may be like when he arrives in Picton he then jumps on a train and arrives in Christchurch about 6pm.

(a) Where as I being of sound mind  will be flying from Wellington down to Christchurch and arriving at lunchtime

Have packed some crafty stuff to take with me, in case we get a dumping of snow and I cant get out and about - which happened last week in Christchurch!

Photos and updates to occur when I get back as my mum doesn't have a computer and I dont' have one of those smart phone things :)

*Man of the house


  1. Sounds an adventure and then some! Have a great time!

  2. Hope you have a wonderful time and your Mum enjoys her birthday.

  3. Hope you have a wonderful trip!