Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Back from my Winter Break - Picture heavy post

Now you know why I flew from Wellington to Christchurch LOL.
30 Minutes on a plane beats 2.5 hours of throwing up!

Mind you I did miss scenery like this....

It was great being home again, mums birthday party went off without a hitch, no earthquakes, no snow but it was still freezing that night. I was so glad that it was held at her place and we didn't have to venture out LOL

MOTH, myself, my brother and SIL all put in and bought mum a new 41" flat screen tv, she had no idea we were getting if for her and was a great pleasure to replace her old tv that was something like this....

Last time I was in Christchurch was Feb 2011 and as many of you remember that was when the devastating earthquake hit Christchurch and many lives and buildings were lost.
I did do a quick trip into what used to be Cashel Mall and from this in February 2011...

It is slowly being transformed back into a shopping hub with shops reopening in brightly coloured shipping containers.... It is great to see tourists returning to the area.

I made two new friends while I was away :)

So really it was a whirlwind trip home, but well worth it as the wine, food, family, friends etc were excellent as usual and with mother nature behaving it felt like the Christchurch of old.


  1. Good to know Christchurch is getting itself back onto its feet - and that you had such a good time!

  2. Why would you have thrown up? I guess you get motion sickness?

  3. It is beautiful scenery. Love your friends. Glad to see the area is being rebuilt.
    Visit my blog - I tagged you!
    Many hugs, conny

  4. Beautiful scenery - how blue is that sea- and how great to see your pals. Interesting to see the way the place is being rebuilt in a modern way.