Monday, June 20, 2016

Back Home Where She Belongs

Update on my Update

Yayy, all her blood work came back good. She was given a needle to help settle her stomach and that appears to have worked. Fingers crossed she is on her way back from this ordeal.

Update from my last post.

Well after 6 weeks missing our baby (well really old) furbaby is back home where she belongs.
I wont post any pictures of what she looked like on Friday when we picked her up from the wonderful people that managed to grab her, as the pictures show a very thin, scared old girl.

Friday night, Saturday and Sunday have been good days but  we took her off to the vet today as she didn't have a good night last night and they have done blood work to make sure she hasn't picked up anything during her adventure and to also try and pin down what made her suddenly take off.

She is still rather stressed and tense and the vet has said that if that doesn't start to come better over the next few days we may have to look at medication.

But hey our baby is home and that is all that matters.

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