Friday, June 3, 2016

Little Did I Know

That the title of my last blog entry would set the tone for the month......

But first an update on my UFO progress.

I finished my May UFO, yes finished it I tell you!!! Little did I realise that I had so little to do to finish it off.

As usual a totally craptastic photo, but a finish is a finish :)

Now my June UFO is this one.....
Glendon Place Witches Wheel
It is supposed to have beads on bits of it, but I hate beading so I will do a DMC conversion.
And I very rarely used the recommended fabric you can tell LOL

Now to the rest of the month of May.....did a black cat cross my path, did I walk under a ladder!!

1. Early in the month, May 7th to be precise our 14 year old furbaby vanished, just like poof off the face of the earth. We drove around our area for 4 days straight looking in building sites, stopping and talking to people and nothing!

This has been so hard for MOTH, Norman our other furbaby and I. It is the not knowing that is the hardest. I have been posting on social media, putting up flyers, etc and nothing. Oh we have had the odd siting or two but it is never her. All we can do is continue to search and hopefully get closure on this.

2. My work computer is possessed, I keep getting locked out of my account at random times during the day. This has IT stumped, they have run so many scans and rebuilt profiles but nothing is helping so it looks like I will be getting a new PC in the coming weeks.

3. As I am not getting any younger I went to get my eyes retested and order new glasses. Now I paid my money upfront at the end of the exam for two new pairs of glasses. Last week I go to pick them up and only one pair was there, they had forgotten to order the second pair. Now I need two pair cause I leave one pair at work and carry the other ones in my bag for use at home etc so it is very inconvenient having to remember to take them home at the end of the working day and bring them with me each morning. Fingers crossed the other pair arrives next week.

4. We put our car in to get the bonnet and boot resprayed as the lacquer was peeling off and the car was looking blah. We get a phone call......oops your windscreen broke while we were taking it out (this is actually pretty common...apparently), MOTH had to ring the insurance company and get a new one fitted. Yay for the one free windscreen a year bit in the policy (which we have never had to use btw). So any hoo, we get the car back and it is crap. The job was done by a mate, well one of his staff actually, so they car is going back to get fixed up!

5. And the last thing which I am not very proud of is that I was rude and horrible to my mum on the phone and as soon as I hung up I felt so bad :(. I have never done it before but she rang me at work and I was having the above mentioned computer problems and working to a deadline and throw in a mini pity party behind my partition, and she just went on and on and on. I did apologise over the weekend when I next spoke to her (we don't live in the same town let alone country so we only talk weekly unless there is an emergency) and she is fine and coming to visit at Christmas time.

So if you have read this far sorry for the rambling but had to put it out somewhere LOL

Until next time ciao!


  1. I hope life starts treating you better and your fur baby returns safe and sound.

  2. I am sure your Mom understands. It's hard to know what is happening on the other end of a phone line! :-)