Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Happy 2018 and a Finish Already!

A Stitching Group I am in are holding a UFO challenge, as it appears many of us have unfinished projects either to be stitched or completed into an ornament, pillow, be framed etc.

Well the first one I pulled out was my Lizzie Kate Mystery Sampler from 2012.

I think I did do a little bit on it last year but it again may its way to the UFO Black Hole.

I picked it up again on 27 December and it looked like this.....

And after a little bit of frogging on the boarder and completion of the last band, I finally finished it the 7 January.

I must say it was a fun stitch, now I just need to either get it framed or turn it into a wall hanging of some kind.

The next UFO to be bought back to life was this one. (Restarted 8 January)

It is Glendon Place - Witches Wheel.

Admittedly I was on three weeks holiday over the Christmas period and now I am back at work stitching will fall back to maybe on the weekends, but I really want to get this one finished now.

I have also been doing a heap of re-reading and my current binge is the Sookie Stackhouse Series AKA True Blood Series.

I have nearly finished book 11 in the series...

Which leaves me two to go, but I think I bought these on Kindle and as all the others are softback books I am going to have to order the other two but then that will give me the whole series to find a place for on my bookshelves (now that is a whole other problem to deal with LOL).

I went op/charity shopping the other day and apart from picking up some work clothes I managed to get two sets of books, albeit both sets have one book missing grrrrr.

But I can't complain as the books ranged in price from $4 - $2 so all in all a good deal.

So I really think my daily commute reading is set for the next few months.


  1. Great finish and Good luck with your next WIP. Love that one. Great find on your books. I have a bunch but stitching wins my time. Right now though I'm trying to get through American Gods. We loved the show and I figured I would read the book. I did buy a few of the True Blood books. Have you read Charlene's books based on the Midnight Texas show? I bought those too. Now to just work them into my stitching time haha. Your new sets of books look great.

    1. Thanks Katie.
      I am just reading the last True Blood book. I haven't read the Midnight Texas Show books, but I did look at American Gods on Book Depository the other day.

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  2. What lovely stitching! I'll be watching your witches wheel come to life! I'm in your UFO challenge, and you've moved WAY ahead of me! Congratulations on your finish!

    1. Thanks DJ, nothing achieved this weekend I was busy being sociable LOL

  3. Congrats on your finish, Vicky. Keep going on your UFO's. :)